To make an appointment with Ann, please email,

Please note that currently there is an 8 to 9 week waiting period for intake of new clients.

The practice is located at:

Rodenrijselaan 20a

3037 XE


It can be difficult to find parking outside the practice, especially in the evening, please allow time for this.

If you prefer to come by public transport, please refer to 9292 for door-to-door route information and timings.


All information shared in a counselling session is confidential. Client's files are also confidential.


The fee for a 1 hour indivdual counselling session is 100.00 euros.

For couple counselling and family therapy (11/2 hour session), the fee is 145.00 euros.

Practice Hours: 12.30 - 19.30

Cancellation Policy:

**Please note that 48 hrs notice is necessary for cancellation of an appointment to avoid the full session fee being charged. * Non-attendance of a confirmed therapy session is also subject to the full fee being charged. **